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Siblings Bracelets

Siblings Bracelets

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Like branches on a tree we grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. Our brothers and sisters were given to us not by choice but by nature. Wear these bracelets together with your siblings to constantly remind them that you always have each other’s back.



2 paired bracelets

1 Anova Gift Box

1 Notecard

1 Product Care Card



  • Please choose a size based on your wrist circumference. The final size you want must include the size allowance your prefer for a comfortable fit.
  • We recommend you add 1-2 cm allowance.
  • Bracelet size range is from 13cm up to 18cm
  • All orders without any size request will be  shipped automatically in default sizes. 

Default size: 14cm (women) and 16 cm (men)

Average Default size: 15cm (unisex)