She Believed She Could so She Did
She Believed She Could so She Did

She Believed She Could so She Did

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She believed she could and so she did
She broke free from the chains
She shirked the thoughts that went before
She took life by the reigns 

She challenged every obstacle
She broke down every wall
She shook the cries of ‘you can’t do it’
She didn’t fear the fall

She failed to fail, she proved them wrong
She bared her heart to all
She showed the world she’d had enough
If she couldn’t run she’d crawl

She lit the night with passion bright
She sometimes cried and cowered
But never, did she give up hope
She blossomed and she flowered


4mm width
15.5cm length

you will receive:
1 Bangle
1 Notecard
1 luxury box


These gold filled steel bangles are hypoallergenic and nontarnish. They are fully adjustable but durable making them bend easily to fit most women wrist sizes (5 to 6.5 inches). This set is a great addition to your arm candy collection. Very elegant, classic and perfect for every personality. 

Fashion tips:  Wear these Mantra Bangles stacked with your favorite watch for the day or pair them with other bangles. 

Rest Assured: Non-tarnish, Hypoallergenic, will not rust nor corrode, NO lead, NO nickel. 

Each order comes with a luxury velvet box and notecard.

With proper care and use, these bangles may last a lifetime.