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Quain trelle Woman
Quaintrelle Gold Disc Necklace Anova Philippines
Quaintrelle Gold Disc Necklace Anova Philippines
Quain trelle Woman

Quain trelle Woman

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Quaintrelle Gold Disc Necklace

A woman who emphasizes a life of passion, expressed through personal style, leisurely past times, charms and cultivation of life's pleasure. Wear this necklace as your daily motivation. Live inspired!


This gold filled steel dainty necklace is hypoallergenic and nontarnish. It is fully adjustable to fit all necklace-layering fashion needs. Very elegant, classic and perfect for every personality. 

Fashion tips:  Wear these necklace stacked with your layered necklaces.

Rest Assured: Non-tarnish, Hypoallergenic, will not rust nor corrode, NO lead, NO nickel. 

With proper care and use, it may last a lifetime. 


  • Chain Length: 45cm plus 9cm chain extender
  • Fully Adjustable and may be layered with other necklaces
  • Material: Gold filled steel ( not pawnable )
  • Guaranteed High quality and will not rust!
  • Safe to wear even in salty seas or swimming pools.100% Nontarnish & Hypoallergenic
  • Recommended to any skin type
  • and 100% safe even for sensitive skin
  • No nickel No lead
  • Size is comparable to One peso coin
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Perfect match to any Mantra Bar Necklaces

In every order, you will receive 1 necklace and 1 luxury box.