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Promise Bracelets
Promise Bracelets

Promise Bracelets

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There is nothing life can throw at us that we can’t get through together. Know that you can depend on my love, acceptance and support. Wear this bracelet as a reminder of my commitment to you. The yellow bead symbolizes the promise to stay with one another during the happy and bright times. The grey bead symbolizes the promise to stay even during difficult times.


In each order you will receive 2 Bracelets + Meaning card (explaining the meaning)
  • One White vein bracelet with 1 grey bead, 1 yellow bead
  • One Matte black bracelet with 1 yellow bead, 1 grey bead
  • Meaning card included (explains the meaning of the bracelets)

These are limited edition & few stocks left!

One size will fit all!  Bracelet size: 6.5-7.5inches

Customer Reviews: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

"just started dating somebody, and I thought this would be a pretty nice and casual valentine's day gift. These paired bracelets are in pretty good quality, and the length is perfect too." - Matthew R.

"I love natural stone bracelet especially it has some healthy meaning. This set of the bracelet is designed for the couples, looks simple but elegant. A good gift for some special occasions." - Jay M

"At first I thought they would be easy to break, but I wear mine almost everyday, and so does my boyfriend. Super cute!" - Vanessa R.

"Love these bracelets. Great quality, fast shipping, wonderful price. I love the little message that comes with them too."- Noah M

"I liked how my order arrived in a timely manner, no problems with the bracelets! The quality of the bracelets seem sturdy and real!" - Brenda C.

 Why you NEED these bracelets!? 😍

         Its hard enough to find a gift that he or she will actually like these days and we can all agree that it's not always the amount of money spent on the gift, but the meaning behind it.  These bracelets are something you and someone else will actually wear, and truly enjoy the meaning behind them ❤️


Introducing: Promise Bracelets

Bracelet meaning:  The Promise bracelets were made to be worn between two individuals to showcase their promise and commitment to each other.  Each bracelet shares a Yellow agate bead and a Grey agate bead.  The Yellow bead symbolizes the promise to stay with one another during the happy and bright times.  The Grey bead symbolizes the promise to stay with each other during the difficult darker times.  Wear these bracelets with someone that Promises to always be there.



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Whether you're giving this as a gift to a friend, significant other, or even a family member, we promise you there is nothing better than receiving a gift with meaning from someone close to you ♡



2 paired bracelets

1 Anova Gift Box

1 Notecard

1 Product Care Card



Default size: 14cm (women) and 16 cm (men)